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I'm Jess. I'm a country, hippie mom of 2 who married into my hyphenated last name, Wright-Moore. I've been told that I'm 'down to earth' but I think that really means that I am not perfect and I love myself for that. I wear combat boots on a regular basis here in Winchester, NH and often hide my bedhead in a beanie. I live for coffee, photography, gardening, woodworking, and crying during sappy commercials.
Seriously, I cry watching the Olympics too.  

Photography was not my 'dream job' (Marine Biology nerd at UNCW. GO Seahawks!) but it has turned into a profession that I could have only dreamed up for myself. 

I get nervous and excited before each and every Portrait Session or Wedding. To me, it feels like I did when I was about to run out on the soccer field to play a game, or the clock starting right before basketball tip-off. However, once I get going, I feel exhilarated and 'in the zone'. I would not trade this art for anything in this world. I live for crawling around after your toddler, encouraging you to snuggle your new fiance or chasing you out of the church right after you say your vows. Life is all about moments of happiness and I am so happy I can capture those for a living. (Even if I might be crying behind my camera when your dad sees you for the first time)

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I would love to talk about New England, Traveling, or how I can be the photographer for you!


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Home Sweet Home is on a small mountain in Winchester, NH. I grew up a southern girl, but something about New England has pulled me in and hasn't let me go. Luckily, I am very close to the Boston Airport and love traveling to weddings all around! Just ask, I will say yes! 

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